Diablo stuck at updating tools

However, this is only because I am used to a larger saw. Everything is well crafted and you can tell that it will last for years. It's a cadillac compared to the cheap 0 saw i was using. The stock blade was nothing special, so I have upgraded that. Plenty of horsepower, fence repeats very accurately and very stable.

There are fine tuning adjustments for everything so you can ensure your equipment is square. There were a few minor parts missing (blade wrench is kind of important) when I got the saw, but one phone call and all the missing pieces were delivered the next day. I was torn between this saw and a delta from the big box stores. Take the time to indicate everything in during setup.

It's not a 3000.00 dollar saw but if your not running a cabinet shop save the money you'll be impressed. Spending nearly 1000 on a table Saw is not that easy for me financially.

Have had it for about a month now and just love it.So quiet, has plenty of power, yet I can still move it around.I have been a professional interior trimmer for 40 years trimming custom homes.This saw will be used to replace a Powermatic of similar size and HP that was used for a very specific purpose. This was my first large purchase for my shop, and I must really say that this purchase was the best.Trial run showed it to be up to the task for a fraction of the price. There were a couple small areas of damage from the shipper, but honestly, this tool will be used and more damage will happen than what it came with.

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