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The buildup and activity in time of war would be replaced by disuse and neglect when Haligonians turned their attention to peaceful interests.

The Citadel was garrisoned by British forces until 1906, when Canadian forces assumed control of the nation’s defence.

In recent years, the Citadel has ranked within the top five most visited national historic sites in Canada.

Statistics show about 600,000 visitors in 2007, about 550,000 in 2008 and some 590,000 in 2009.

Many HRM residents, for example, drive past the Citadel day after day but rarely stop to visit, to explore what is actually there.

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The hill, which dominated the landscape, and the excellent harbour made lasting impressions on the early European visitors sailing along Nova Scotia’s coast.

The sentry’s smile is a welcoming one and the visitors cross the drawbridge over the ditch and step into the past.

The sentry is one of some 100 students, as many as 125 during the peak tourist season, working at the Citadel during the summer months.

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