Who is chris klein dating alyson stoner dating nick jonas

If three out of five cheats, Calvin must walk away.

But if three out of five resist temptation, Lauren must shut down her blog and open her heart to Calvin.

Klein is participating in the 2007 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race as part of the 33rd Annual Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach.

A press release announcing this year's celeb drivers touts Klein as "Katie Holmes' ex-boyfriend" first, and "actor" second. Gambling website puts Klein's odds to win the race at 14 to 1, just slightly better odds than "Star Wars" creator George Lucas.

It's a Dirty Job: Hailing from a family of coal miners (his grandfather was a miner in West Virginia), Cline made most of his fortune from his privately held firm Foresight Reserves LP, after getting into the dirt business at the behest of his father and mining the rolling hills of Appalachia.3.

He Could Be Elin's Father: At 53, the billionaire is 20 years Elin's senior.

Though let's be honest, he was never really known for acting.But besides a lot of dough (Elin is said to have received around 0 million in her split from Tiger), the pair have parenthood in common, not to mention divorce.Cline, who's been married twice, has two sons and two daughters while Elin has a boy, Charlie, and daughter, Sam, from her marriage to the golf superstar.4. The actor exchanged vows with his girlfriend of four years, Laina Rose Thyfault, in an intimate ceremony in Montana on Sunday.The couple celebrated with 115 guests at the Rainbow Ranch located on the banks of the Gallatin River.

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