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perhaps you need a blindfold because an enemy is ugly o.o or perhaps as an XP boost ^.^mushroom (mario) - temporarily increase the size of krystal's breasts maybe also XP boost because the warriors will be happier crown/coronet - maybe as a reward for reaching a certain amount of XP or progress so that you feel better about yourself having a shiny thing on krystals head lubricant - faster sex yay The 'shroom would be more attractive if...wait, Sharpclaws with..Well, I have my problems with the lube...sometimes less is more, and personally I prefer to watch the scenes in detail rather than in time-lapse.Always go to him after work and read books or talk with him to raise Romance.Since several scenes with Aaron also boosts Romance (like buying Akinara plushie at the Mall) and since talking with him already gives good chances to increase both his relationship and Romance, I was able to get to Romance 18 by end of June.The table scene is a good example, where Krystal should be just picked up and taken on the table by the two sharpclaws. As for the items, nothing really to add, the ditto looks rather good and could be used as a way to get past a female guard who won't let Krystal past.Just a suggestion, if the stamina and experience is separate one thing to do is relate one of them to the height of Krystals tail and head.

leomon would hurt a bit atfirst but she would get used to it.

So it's worth saving some money to get that bonus since can make a big difference towards the end of the game!

This character is quite easy to get, since basically you can just:- each Monday and Friday borrow new books at the library (action available only Mon/Fri)- use the option "read books" when you visit him to get a bonus to Romance- writing poems at home also helps Romance- talking with him in the afternoon when Abigail is there will be hardest, so is better to visit him early.

As for using it as an actual weapon, i'm leery about how many people would actually fight the enemies rather than screw them?

We could probably work in some areas like this, attacking a loan guard or something, but it wouldn't work in the sharpclaw village as your task is to please all General scales men before he'll even talk to you.

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