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Phishing - The fraudulent process of attempting to obtain personal information such as usernames, passwords and credit card information by masquerading as someone else or some other company via a fake email, website or other electronic correspondence.Polymorphic Virus - A virus that can change itself when it replicates to avoid detection.Live Update Administrator 2.x may be preferable in: If you configure sites on your network for replication from another site, you can configure content updates (for example, Virus and Spyware Definitions) in the database of the primary site to replicate as part of the database.

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Hoax – Hoaxes usually arrive in the form of an e-mail designed to tick people into thinking there is some sort of security risk.Download - To transfer data from one computer to another. Encrypted Virus - A virus that uses encryption to hide itself from virus scanners.Exploit - A program or technique that takes advantage of a vulnerability in software to attack its host.Virus - program or code that replicates itself onto other files and can affect many different things such as other program, files, documents etc, and cause various degrees of damage.Virus Definitions - Software that identifies viruses by checking files against a profile of each known virus.

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