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WORKING AGE POPULATION (AGED 15-64 YEARS) At June 2013, about two thirds of the Queensland population (or 3.10 million people) were aged between 15 and 64 years.The proportion of working age population in Greater Brisbane (68%) was higher than in the rest of Queensland (65%).Females outnumbered males in Greater Brisbane (with a sex ratio of 98.9), while in the rest of Queensland there were a roughly equal number of males and females.

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In the five years to 2013, the population of the rest of Queensland increased by 211,100 people to reach 2.42 million.In contrast, Greater Brisbane had and a lower proportion aged 45 years and over (36%) than the rest of the state (41%).The proportions of people aged 19 years and younger were similar.TOTAL POPULATION At June 2013, the estimated resident population of Queensland was 4.66 million people, an increase of 437,300 since June 2008.In the five years to 2013, Queensland's population grew by 10%, which was the second-fastest growth of all states and territories, behind Western Australia at 16%.

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