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Then, as Angel so eloquently described earlier: empty yourself into the toilet. “Eating solid food with lots of fiber the day before/the day of anal sex is the ultimate key to success.

Though the downside to many fruits high in fiber is that they're also high in fructose (which causes gas), you can still indulge in some of the sweet stuff.Starting at the drugstore, purchase yourself a standard water enema kit (which is usually more discretely named “hot water bottle and syringe kit”).This should include a hot water bottle, a hose, a plug and a rectal tip.But it is a selection from the net of some of the sites that could bring people with scatology fetishes and fantasies together. This is not only true for fetish or scat dating, but for every dating on the net.Or you could try to brush up your chat skills: What you could also do is use a regular dating site. You could set up a profile of yourself and write to a number of girls and you could hint you have a toilet fetish. Be very vigilant if the following occurs: - your online friend tries to get you off to a free mailer or instant messaging service as soon as possible - your online friend is not really in your neighborhood right now but "is on holiday" in another country and "will be back soon" - the photos look like from a glamour magazine - your future date displays unnatural feelings of affection, although you two have never met in person If your online partner asks you, for whatever reason, for money (this can occur only after weeks or months) : Stop all correspondance IMMEDIATELY!

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